Kinetic means to be in constant motion.

Camp Kinetic children spend their entire day engaged in a multitude of activities that encourage motion, self-exploration and learning.

Education and FUN all wrapped into one! Camp Kinetic should be your first choice when choosing your Summer Day Camp in the city. We offer a wide variety of activities and countless new experiences to try; we create an exciting, safe environment for kids to have an unforgettable summer of fun.

Also, summer at Camp Kinetic will provide your child the opportunity to try new things, open new doors, meet new challenges and meet new and old friends. The unique program we offer give your child the chance to explore and become someone they never dreamed of being.

Join us this summer for daily indoor and outdoor activities such as: sports, arts & crafts, academics, dance, picnics, nature walks, swimming, exercise, field trips and much more.

The curricular emphasis in our camp program is to focus on individual skill development and learning strategies in language arts and math. Our camp maintains a low camper to staff ratio. The camp will have a teacher as well as teaching assistant allowing campers to advance at their own pace. Open communication between the parents and camp counselor is encouraged.

We help promote academic achievement and healthy development every step of the way.

During the summer months we encourage the children to learn the academic portion of the children’s day to 2 hours a day so that we can fill their days with fun fun fun!!!

Your children will enjoy a fun-filled summer while improving their social and academic skills.  They will learn about team-building skills and how to work with each other, they will be bonded, becoming close friends in a matter of days, and truly inspire and be inspired each other to achieve their full potential.

Children will spend their time exploring, discovering, creating and learning Math, Reading, Writing, Science, etc. This will help keep your child’s mind sharp over the summer time.