6 Common Misconceptions About Day Camp

camp in Aurora If you have never sent your kids to day camp before and you are not sure whether it is the right thing to do, there are a few popular misconceptions concerning summer day camps that we feel we should address. These misconceptions are often perpetuated by well-meaning but misinformed parents who didn’t attend day camps when they were at school and who are not aware of exactly what these camps have to offer. If you yourself are in this position, we hope the information that follows will be of some use. If not, you could pass it on to a friend who you think may find it useful.

What Day Camp for Aurora Schoolchildren Is Really Like

As a local camp organizer we are most familiar with the programs in this part of the GTA, including our own of course. However, the comments below apply to all reputable day camps in the area. Each of the misconceptions below may have been true about a certain camp at some point in the past but is certainly not representative of the type of camps that are run in the Greater Toronto Area today.

  • Day Camps Are Prohibitively Expensive – While some of the more specialized camps may charge higher fees, ordinary day camps are very affordable nowadays. If you take a look at what is on offer in Aurora and the surrounding area, you should find plenty of camps that are within your budget.
  • Summer Camps Are only for Parents Too Busy to Look After Their Kids – While there is no doubt that a summer day camp in Aurora could make your life much easier if both you and your partner work on a full-time basis, they have plenty to offer the children of parents who stay at home too.
  • Camps are Boring for Your Kids – Some parents believe that a day camp is the last place their children will want to be but with all the fun activities on offer this could not be further from the truth.
  • Most Day Camps Are in Remote Areas – The idea that most camps are held in wilderness locations probably stems from the days when the majority of camps on offer were of the sleepover variety and consisted of a week or two camping in a remote part of the GTA. A day camp for Aurora kids, on the other hand, will be in an easy-to-reach location that is not far from your home.
  • Some Children Just Aren’t Cut Out for Day Camp – Whether your child finds it difficult to make friends, tends to shy away from physical activities or does not like to be away from home during the summer break, you should still be able to find a day camp in Aurora or nearby that they feel comfortable attending.

There are camp programs for all types of children so do not worry that your son or daughter will find it difficult to fit in. Call today to find out what we have to offer.

The Different Types of Camp and Which Is Right for Your Child

camp in King City Parents of schoolchildren in the GTA have a great selection of summer camps from which to choose, so many in fact that making the right choice can be quite a difficult task. To make this task a little easier, we are going to run through a few of the different types of camp that you might like to send your children to this year and consider the benefits that each one has to offer. If you are not sure which type is likely to be the best option for your son or daughter after reading this article, please do not hesitate to call and speak to us about your concerns.

Choosing the Right Camp in King City and the Surrounding Area

Whether you live in King itself or in one of the neighbouring suburbs, you will find many local camps that may be suitable for your children to attend this summer:

  • Ballet Camp – For young girls, or indeed boys, who are keen dancers, ballet camp could be the perfect option. Run by accredited instructors, camps of this nature typically feature intensive instruction that can help younger ballet enthusiasts to make rapid progress during the summer break. If your son or daughter has only shown a passing interest in ballet to date this may not be the right choice but if ballet is all they can talk about then by all means look into enrolling them at the nearest camp as soon as possible.
  • Swimming Camps – When you are looking at the possibilities for your son or daughter this year, you may well come across a swimming camp in King City that features daily instruction for children of all ages. This type of camp is, of course, a good choice for children who love being in the water but it can also be a great option for youngsters who are struggling to learn how to swim. A few weeks of daily instruction could be just what they need to help them overcome their difficulties.
  • Zoo Camps – For kids who love animals, what could be better than a zoo camp? Such camps give children the opportunity to come into close contact with a variety of exotic species, under expert supervision of course, and may include educational lectures on zoo maintenance and animal care as well.
  • General Activity Camps –  This is the most popular type of camp in King City and the surrounding area, as far as both parents and children alike are concerned. At a general activity camp you can expect your children to spend their days tackling a variety of mental and physical challenges that are designed to stimulate their imagination and ensure that they thoroughly enjoy their summer break.

If you would like to enrol your child or children in a summer day camp in King City that offers them the chance to enjoy a variety of different activities, please feel free to contact us whenever convenient. Our camps for 5 to 12-year-old children are great fun and educational too.

Benefits of Camp from a Parent’s Perspective

camp in Richmond HillThe summer holidays can be great fun for parents and children alike but they can also be something of a challenge for working parents who want to make sure their sons and daughters do not spend 8 weeks in front of the TV or playing games on their phones. If you are looking for something to occupy your children during the long break this year, our camp in Richmond Hill could be the perfect solution. There are a number of benefits to having your kids attend summer camp that make it a great choice as far as parents from all over the GTA are concerned, which we have outlined for your convenience below.

What Summer Camp in Richmond Hill Has to Offer You and Your Children

If you have children attending school in the GTA and you have been thinking about sending them to a summer day camp in the area, consider the following benefits of doing just that.

  • Ability to Work Normal Hours – Many parents find it difficult to continue working full-time hours during the summer break, owing to the fact there needs to be an adult at home during the day. However, if you enrol your children in a summer day camp this year, both you and your partner will be able to continue working your normal hours for the whole of the holiday period if you wish.
  • Healthy Meals – By sending your kids to camp this summer, you can ensure that they follow a healthy diet. While children who are at home all day may tend to eat more snacks than they should, this will not be the case if they attend a well-run camp in Richmond Hill. They will be served a nutritious breakfast and lunch before coming home to enjoy a family dinner with you.
  • Improved Social Skills – All parents are keen for their sons and daughters to learn how to get on with others and to be confident in group situations. Summer day camp will provide your children with the opportunity to meet kids of a similar age that they would not normally be exposed to and to learn how to make friends and cooperate with others in new and unusual surroundings. These skills will stand them in good stead as they mature and become young adults looking to make their way in the world.
  • Happy and Fulfilled Children at Night – Kids that attend a summer day camp in Richmond Hill are sure to be presented with physically and mentally stimulating tasks that ensure both their brains and bodies are pleasantly tired by the time they are finished for the day. This will help you to avoid the problem of late nights that parents with school-age children often encounter during the summer break.

If you work longer hours than most, you will be pleased to know that at Camp Kinetic in Richmond Hill, we offer before and after care specifically for parents in your situation. Whatever your needs, please feel free to call and discuss them with a member of our team.

5 Things Parents Should Send Their Kids to Day Camp With

day camp Richmond HillDay camps like Camp Kinetic are becoming more and more popular destinations for parents to send their children in order to experience summer fun. The priceless childhood memories and lifelong friendships that are often formed at day camp make it a quintessential childhood experience. A lots of parents realize how important it is, especially in the rapidly changing 21st century, to give kids their own space to be wild, free, and creative. Although it is hard for kids not to enjoy day camp, Richmond Hill’s Camp Kinetic wants to stress that it can become a bad experience if a camp-goer forgets to bring some essential items and doesn’t come properly prepared for the things that await them.

What to Bring To Day Camp Richmond Hill                            

A backpack is a no-brainer, but what should you include in that backpack to ensure your child has a great day at Camp Kinetic? Here are five things we find too many campers neglect to bring.

  1. Sanitary Napkins – Let’s face it: children are not the most sanitary beings. Especially at day camp, where they are spending much of the day outside and where they engage in a lot of physical activity; they are bound to get dirty. Because of that fact, day camp is a common place for kids to get sick if they do not pack some supplies to keep them hygienic. Don’t let your kid become another statistic.
  2. Extra Shoes/Socks – Unfortunately, getting wet is a very real possibility at day camp. Richmond Hill is certainly no stranger to rain or streams that run along the ground, and they are both things that can get your child’s shoes wet. And believe us, walking around in wet footwear all day is no fun and not a smart idea. Have your child pack an extra pair of shoes and socks so they don’t have to go through this.
  3. Bathing Suit/Towel – Getting wet when you’re not planning on it is unfortunate, but impromptu swimming sessions can be awesome if you’re prepared! When your child is outside, where some days feel a lot hotter than others, a dip in the lake or even a trip to the local pool could be planned spontaneously at any time! Make sure your child can participate by packing some swimming gear.
  4. Full Reusable Water Bottle – Dehydration is a serious problem underestimated by most people. Unless a human body is fully hydrated (or somewhere near it) at all times, it is losing valuable nutrients and will not be able to perform at full potential. This is especially true in a highly physical environment like the one at day camp. Richmond Hill can get hot and cause campers to sweat a lot, so it is of the utmost importance that your child be carrying around a water bottle to be refilled every time it is emptied.
  5. White Cotton T-Shirt – This one serves a dual purpose! First of all, it is almost as much of a bad idea to be walking around in a wet shirt as it is to be walking around in wet footwear. If it rains or your child manages to get their shirt wet some other way, they’ll have a change. Secondly, tie-dye is a common activity at Camp Kinetic. It is a real shame when we start up a tie-dye session and one of the campers cannot join in, so we advise you to always pack a tie-dye ready shirt for your child.

At Camp Kinetic, we understand what kids need to bring with them to have an unforgettable day camp experience. Of course, the tips above are only a small part of what you need to know. Luckily, our highly-trained councillors know it all and are happy to provide parents with additional advice and support if required.

6 Things to Watch Out for When Assessing Day Camp Options

day camp AuroraThe high point of a child’s summer is often a good Day camp. Aurora and the surrounding area offer so many of these camps, though, that it can be hard to pick the best one for your kid. To help address that problem, we’ve put together a short list of key points of what to look for in a Day camp before enrolling your child.

What to Look For in a Day Camp: Aurora Area Tips

Here are six of the first things to consider. We have not included obvious considerations like price and word-of-mouth suggestions, as we have confidence you’ve got those things covered.

  1. Safe Facilities – Safety comes first, and it is always best if you can go to the location of the camp to check out the facilities beforehand. If the camp’s administration seems resistant to letting you check out the facilities, it’s a red flag.
  2. Activity Variety – Some camps offer a very wide variety of activities, which allows your kid to tailor their own day camp experience. This is an extremely valuable aspect of a day camp, as it will aid tremendously in the child’s cognitive development and help them discover new hobbies. Unfortunately, some camps only offer a narrow range of activities that will not allow your child to choose freely. Be sure to inquire about a list of activities offered.
  3. Nutrition – Especially at day camp, where participants are staying active and using up energy all day, nutrition is extremely important. If food is provided by the camp, make sure it is conducive to a healthy lifestyle. If you’ll be packing snacks, make sure camp counsellors have some idea about how a child should eat in order to stay energized. Also make sure campers will be reminded constantly to stay hydrated, as dehydration is one of the leading causes of injury at day camp.
  4. Licencing – This should be fairly obvious to those who know about day camp licencing, but many people do not. There is an organization called the Ontario Camps Association that can licence a day camp. If it attains such a licence, it means the camp has a reasonable camper-to-counsellor ratio, its staff is well-trained and background-checked, and the camp has a good track record. You shouldn’t pursue a camp that is not licenced.
  5. Rainy Day Activities – Rain is a fact of life, and you can’t count out the possibility it will rain during your child’s day camp (Aurora area residents know this only too well). If the camp is entirely indoors, this will not be a problem. If it is even partially outdoors, though, you should check beforehand what the campers will be doing if it rains. Will your child still be able to enjoy and benefit from rainy day activities?
  6. Convenient Schedule – The most important quality of a good day camp is that it will enrich your child, but the reality is that the parent’s ability to coordinate with the camp’s pick-up and drop-off schedules is also very important. Make sure the camp’s schedule is flexible and can meet your needs.

If you look into the areas listed above and use a bit of common sense, you are sure to find your child an excellent day camp. Aurora is generally very fortunate in that residents of the area will most likely find more good ones than bad, but it is important to check. Your child’s summer memories are at stake!

Why a Good Day Camp is Much More than Just Child Care

Day Camp MapleA common misconception among some parents faced with the opportunity to send their children to day camp is that it will just be a glorified version of daycare for twice the price. This couldn’t be further from the truth, though. Day camps actually enrich campers in a great number of ways, whereas simple daycare does not.

Day Camp, Maple’s Finest Child Enrichment Option

Wondering about the ways in which day camps like Camp Kinetic will enrich your child. Here are a few that come to mind.

  • It’s Great Exercise – As you probably know, day camps involve a ton of physical activity. All that moving around provides some fantastic exercise for your kid. Those workouts are extremely important in aiding healthy body development, so they are especially important for young ‘uns.
  • Gives Kids A Sense of Accomplishment – Campers are encouraged to engage in activities in which they work towards a goal. When that goal is finally reached, it gives them a sense of accomplishment that boosts confidence and lets the child know they can accomplish anything if they put their mind to it and put in the work.
  • Builds Teamwork – Speaking of accomplishing goals, a single camper may not be able to do something alone. The group tasks and communal chores turn a day at Camp Kinetic into an exercise in teamwork.
  • See the Great Outdoors – For better or for worse, the outdoors is a huge part of the world, and being outdoors will play a similarly huge role in your child’s life in the future. Getting in touch with nature at an early age makes children grow up into better-rounded adults after day camp. Maple’s rolling hills and babbling brooks, which act as a big part of the Camp Kinetic campus, will provide your child with what they need to grow up right.
  • Learn New Skills – Camp Kinetic offers such a wide variety of skill-building activities that we are willing to bet a camper could not get to all of them if they wanted to. Every activity is supervised by a counsellor who is highly knowledgeable in how it should be done. In short, your child will build skills by choosing exactly what to learn about, and the instruction will be top-notch.
  • Learn to Live without Tech – In today’s quickly-evolving world, children tend to spend far too much of their lives plugged into a computer or TV screen. The many outdoor activities at day camp will require campers to get in touch with the real world and have soul-nourishing interactions with actual people and things. As an added bonus, the children will have a great time and develop a better relationship with the non-digital world!
  • Gives Kids A Slice of Freedom – Not to say that our counsellors will simply let the campers run around without any supervision, but children will be given the opportunity to develop some valuable independence at day camp. Maple’s outdoors offers a lot of space to call home.

Your child will not be the only one to enjoy Camp Kinetic. Once you see how much they grow and mature by attending the camp, you’ll be sold on day Camp, Maple’s #1 summer hangout for kids.

Summer Camp

Our kids spend nine months out of the year in school learning subjects like biology, chemistry, mathematics and history. The summer months give them a chance to get out of the classroom and get active, but that doesn’t mean that they should take a break from learning. And that’s why the tradition of summer camp and day camp was born. At Camp Kinetic, we believe that summer provides the perfect time for kids to get in shape while keeping their minds active and learning valuable life lessons like the importance of physical health and working as a team.

Some of the Fantastic Features of Our Summer Camp

At our summer camp, enthusiastic, certified counsellors lead kids through traditional sports activities like baseball, basketball, ball hockey and swimming in addition to enriching, expressive endeavours like arts and crafts and yoga; we even hold science lessons and give enrolees the chance to learn karate! We also offer frequent excursions to water parks around the York area, something that all kids should get the chance to enjoy during the hot summer months.

Our top-notch facility allows us to hold activities indoors and as well as outdoors, meaning that we stay active each day regardless of the weather. We have an air hockey table and movie and popcorn theatre, so even downtime is more like uptime. And because of the emphasis that we place on physical health, we offer home cooked meals and snacks.

Our philosophy is that kids need to learn to realize themselves as individuals while learning the importance of cooperation and teamwork, so our daily slate includes a large amount of group-oriented activities while allowing enrolees the chance to choose those that fit them best. By the end of the summer each enrolee will have learned valuable life lessons like the importance of regular physical activity, eating healthily, having personal discipline and working with others to solve problems.

We at Camp Kinetic offer the best summer camp and day camp experience in the York area with our integrated slate of activities and fantastic, dedicated counsellors. We’ve been serving the people of Markham, Richmond Hill, Stoufville, King City and Aurora since 2010, bringing a modern approach to a time-honoured tradition. The program is open to children aged 6-12 and activities are held from 9 AM to 4 PM each day. If you’re looking for a fantastic, enriching summer camp program for your kids, look no further. Call us today at 289-234-2700!

Contact a summer camp in Richmond Hill at Camp Kinetic

Summer Camp Packing Cheat Sheet: Don’t Forget Any of These Items

summer camp MapleYour child is about to head off to summer camp in Maple for the first time. But because it’s their first time you don’t have any experience packing for this type of excursion. It might be tempting to let them pack for themselves, but… The fact is you’re going to have to take the lead on this and be thorough about it so they don’t get on the bus without a raincoat.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind When Packing for Summer Camp in Maple

Any camp worth their salt should have a recommended list of things for your child to bring. If you haven’t got that list already, call and ask them to email it to you. You never know. You may have to provide pillowcases. Stranger things have happened.

Here is a sample list of 20 of the most important items you should pack for your child.

  • Eyeglasses and/or contacts
  • A baseball cap
  • Any prescription meds
  • Mobile phone
  • Raingear
  • Sunglasses
  • A swimsuit
  • Shorts
  • Extra underwear
  • Extra t-shirts
  • Swimming goggles
  • Sunblock
  • Flip flops
  • Dress clothes/shoes
  • Socks (dress and sport)
  • Toothbrush/toothpaste
  • Comb and/or hairbrush
  • Beach towel
  • A book
  • A notebook and pen

Make sure their bag is large enough to accommodate what they need. You won’t need 10 titanic trunks for a week of summer camp in Maple but you may need to purchase a generous size duffle bag. Once you have the bag make sure it’s labeled prominently. Same goes for the things that go in the bag. You don’t have to embroider their name on everything but you can find discrete places to put their initials. They’ll likely make a mess of everything they wear during summer camp in Maple so double up on the jeans and shorts and especially underwear and t-shirts.

Lastly, make sure they have a mobile phone that has your number on speed dial in case they need it. 5 years ago we might have suggested a disposable camera but today’s phone cameras are more than adequate. Remind them not to let others borrow the phone too.

In order to avoid oversights that can happen when things are left to the last minute, start packing for summer camp in Maple well in advance. Also, make sure your son or daughter is involved in the packing process. This will heighten their sense of anticipation and make the whole thing more fun.

How Summer Camp is Proven to Benefit Children’s Psychological Development

summer camp NewmarketEveryone wants their kids to grow up to be well-rounded, independent, happy individuals. To get there kids need to develop positive habits, social skills, a sense of right and wrong and the ability to work with and appreciate the unique gifts of others. That’s a pretty tall order but it can be done and summer camps are a great way to get kids moving in the right direction.

Benefits of Camp Kinetic Summer Camp: Newmarket

Here are just a few ways summer camp in Newmarket helps promote mentally and psychologically well-balanced kids.

  • Contact with nature – Today’s digital world has many benefits. Unfortunately, it also has the tendency to promote disconnection from the real world. Summer camp puts kids back in touch with the sights, sounds and smells of nature, thereby strengthening their connection to, and appreciation of, the world we all share.
  • Make new friends – School is great for developing friendships but those friendships tend to carry over year to year. Summer camp mixes things up and puts children in contact with potential new friends they might not otherwise meet. This broadening of their circle is essential to helping them develop social skills.
  • Express themselvesSummer camp Newmarket can help kids find new modes of expressing hidden talents. A child’s emotional and psychological growth depends on them being able to express themselves in positive, productive ways and summer camp can afford leadership and other opportunities where they can shine.
  • Build confidence – Life is full of obstacles and overcoming them is often a matter of inner confidence. Summer camp provides ways for kids to bolster their confidence by showing them the value of persistence; whether by reaching the top of the climbing wall or helping their team to victory in the tug-of-war.
  • Develop independence – One of the major psychological benefits of summer camp for Newmarket kids lies in helping them cultivate a sense of independence. It may be tough to accept that someday your kids will be independent of you, but they will be. How well they handle that independence will depend in large part on the tools they develop now.

Summer camps are, in many ways, the best of both worlds. Kids get a break from their normal routine, they get valuable exposure to the natural world and learn about themselves while having fun. Call Camp Kinetic today on 289-234-2700 and speak to one of our staff about signing your child up for summer camp in Newmarket. You’ll be glad you did.


5 Tips to Follow to Ensure Your Child Will Love Their Camp Experience

camp AuroraSending your child to camp in Aurora can help insure they grow up a more well-rounded, independent person. Still the entire process can be difficult on them and you; especially if this is the first time for both of you. It’s important your child has a great time so here are a few tips that can help make that happen.

How to Get the Most Out of Camp in Aurora

  • No long teary goodbyes – If you get to the bus and the floodgates open and all the other kids are watching it could colour your child’s entire camp experience. Other kids could give them a hard time or they could feel an exaggerated sense of loss that could weigh on them.
  • Accept the camp rules ahead of time – If the camp said no cell phones don’t give your child a cell phone. You need to make peace with the rules before camp begins. This way there are no awkward and embarrassing (for your child) confrontations between you and the staff.
  • Attend a camp preview – Not all camps have preview days but many do and you should take advantage of it. Meeting some of the staff and getting familiar with the size and layout of the camp can go a long way in calming pre-camp anxiety in both you and your child.
  • Do a good job of packing – If the time comes for pool activities and your child is forced to borrow a swimsuit or goggles this will likely be one of their most lasting memories of camp. Take the time to do a thorough job packing and you’ll ensure this doesn’t happen.
  • Let your child be – If there is no news from camp that’s a good thing. Accept it. One of the benefits of camp is that it gives kids a taste of what it’s like to be on their own in the larger world. If you’re calling camp Aurora 5 times a day to check up on them that lesson is lost.

Whether or not your child has a great time at camp in Aurora is largely up to you. By being thorough about preparation, coming to terms with the camp you’ve chosen (and their rules) and keeping the tears in check you can clear the way for your child to have a trouble-free, positive experience. One they’ll remember as such for the rest of their life.