Summer Camp

Summer Camp for families in Richmond Hill, Aurora, King City, Maple and New Market

Our kids spend nine months out of the year in school learning subjects like biology, chemistry, mathematics and history. The summer months give them a chance to get out of the classroom and get active, but that doesn’t mean that they should take a break from learning. And that’s why the tradition of summer camp and day camp was born. At Camp Kinetic, we believe that summer provides the perfect time for kids to get in shape while keeping their minds active and learning valuable life lessons like the importance of physical health and working as a team.

Some of the Fantastic Features of Our Summer Camp

At our summer camp, enthusiastic, certified counsellors lead kids through traditional sports activities like baseball, basketball, ball hockey and swimming in addition to enriching, expressive endeavours like arts and crafts and yoga; we even hold science lessons and give enrolees the chance to learn karate! We also offer frequent excursions to water parks around the York area, something that all kids should get the chance to enjoy during the hot summer months.

Our top-notch facility allows us to hold activities indoors and as well as outdoors, meaning that we stay active each day regardless of the weather. We have an air hockey table and movie and popcorn theatre, so even downtime is more like uptime. And because of the emphasis that we place on physical health, we offer home cooked meals and snacks.

Our philosophy is that kids need to learn to realize themselves as individuals while learning the importance of cooperation and teamwork, so our daily slate includes a large amount of group-oriented activities while allowing enrolees the chance to choose those that fit them best. By the end of the summer each enrolee will have learned valuable life lessons like the importance of regular physical activity, eating healthily, having personal discipline and working with others to solve problems.

We at Camp Kinetic offer the best summer camp and day camp experience in the York area with our integrated slate of activities and fantastic, dedicated counsellors. We’ve been serving the people of Aurora, Richmond Hill, Maple, King City and New Market since 2010, bringing a modern approach to a time-honoured tradition. The program is open to children aged 5-10 and activities are held from 9 AM to 4 PM each day. If you’re looking for a fantastic, enriching summer camp program for your kids, look no further. Call us today at 289-234-2700! Visit us on Google+ !

Our summer camp program offers fun and excitement for kids come in from Richmond Hill, Aurora, King City, Maple and Newmarket